Sound files are easy to play in a flipchart. The first step is to find an mp3 file on the internet and download it to your computer. There are all kinds of copyright issues involved with doing this so make sure the creator of the site has given you permission to use the song. In this example I have saved "The ABC Song" on my desktop. This site has free music for little kids!

Find an object that will fit the theme of your flipchart and put it on the page. The clipart to the right is an example of an object you can use when you want to play a song. Once again be careful of copyright issues when copying grphics from the internet.
To get the graphic you placed on your flipchart page to play the sound file you have downloaded you must select the object.
In the Browser window select the Action Browser. In the drop down menu select Document/Media Actions.

Click on the Open Document, File or Sound option.


In the Action Poperties section of this window click on the Browse icon and set the path to find your sound file. Make sure you click on the Apply Changes button after you have set the path.

When the Insert File window appears click on the Store in flipchart option and click OK.

Your music is now ready to play. Click on the object you used for the sound action and the sound will begin playing.