Whiteboards - Accessories - ActiveBoard 78

WhiteBoard Accessories for ActivBoard 78 (purchased prior to 9/1/09).

Name ActivWand for older Versions
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NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE - the IT Dept. may have a few in stock please call 394.6629 to check

Promethean Activwand For Previous Versions Of Activboards
UNSPSC: 43211709
Contract: NJPA 100614#CDW Technology Catalog (100614#CDW)


Part Number:2536279
Quote Number:574108261
Last Update:December 17, 2018
Price $99.09 [Details]
Name Promethean Activearena Spare Pen Set
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Promethean Activarena Spare Pen Set -1 Instructor Pen & 1 Participant Pen

“Your board will need a firmware upgrade to use these pens.  Please put in a work order”

Part Number:CDW # 2536194
Quote Number:
Last Update:November 21, 2019
Price $55.95 [Details]