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Name Jabra Speak 410 USB Speakerphone for Skype
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Jabra Speak 410 USB Speakerphone for Skype and other VoIP calls

Part Number:AISN# B007SHJIO2
Quote Number:Amazon
Last Update:July 09, 2021
Price $102.72 [Details]
Name Jelly Comb Noise Canceling Bluetooth Wireless Headset with Charging Base
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  • Great Headset for Phone Calls/ Skype/ Office] Hands-free features realizes multitasking like taking phone calls while doing chores, enjoying tea when answering Skype calls, or taking note during Google hangout meetings. Meanwhile, hands-free feature make personal purposes like listening to podcast or music available in office/ at gym/ on plane.
  • [Good Noise Cancellation] Noise Reduction Technology means the noise surrounding efficiently eliminated and there is no more running to find a quiet place to answer a phone call. Pick up your voice clear and loud, and provide with the best sound quality.
  • [Solid Charging Base] A solid and compact charging cube smartly avoid a cluttered desk. It takes no time to charge and the battery was tested to last 200 hours on standby.
  • [Dual Connectivity] The dual connectivity allows it linked to both tablets and phones at one time to achieve taking Skype videos or phone calls from two devices without having to mess with connection settings. MFB is designed to answer calls, ignore calls, and mute with just one simple action. 【NOTE: MFB button and mute function doesn’t work with PCs at present.】
  • [Stretchable Feature] This headset is a looser fit thanks to the thin and stretchable headband. (May not fit big heads well.) The microphone is malleable, meaning you can put it on either side of your head. Jelly Comb offers one year warranty and welcome guide. Feel free to contact us for any concern.
Part Number:ASIN#: B0822LWB7S
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Last Update:October 07, 2020
Price $43.99 [Details]
Name Startech USB Stereo External Sound Card
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External Sound Card
Hi-Speed USB Stereo
1x audio - line-in/microphone
Mini-phone stereo
1.9 oz.

The Startech audio adapter is a USB device that adds a stereo input and output to your Mac or PC.

Part Number:B001EHG7DM
Quote Number:574105797
Last Update:December 20, 2017
Price $15.03 [Details]
Name Webcam
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AVerMedia Live Streamer CAM 313: Full HD 1080P Streaming Webcam, Privacy Shutter, Dual Microphone, 360 Degree Swivel Design

Part Number:B07TS9C499
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Last Update:September 30, 2021
Price $48.00 [Details]